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There Are Now Toilets Shaped Like Pickup Trucks, Monster Trucks, Race Cars, and Deloreans!

There Are Now Toilets Shaped Like Pickup Trucks, Monster Trucks, Race Cars, and Deloreans!

Have you ever dreamt of zooming into the fast lane while… well, sitting on the throne? Buckle up, because the latest trend in bathroom decor is about to take you on a wild ride. We’re talking toilets shaped like various vehicles, from racy race cars to monstrous monster trucks, and even the iconic DeLorean.

Semi-truck monster truck shaped toilet

Perfect for the little speedster in your family, the man cave that has everything, or just for those with a need for speed (and a love for quirky bathroom fixtures).

harley davidson motorcycle shaped toilet

Imagine a toilet that’s not just a toilet, but a statement piece. You could be doing your business on a sleek motorcycle-inspired commode or feeling like a race car driver in a toilet that looks like it’s straight off the NASCAR track.

Pickup truck shaped toilet

And for those who prefer something more rugged, how about a monster truck that’s ready to roll? The level of detail on these porcelain powerhouses is astonishing. With glossy, satin finishes and a mildew-resistant additive, they’re not just fun, they’re functional and fabulous.

monster truck shaped toilet

No need to fumble for the light switch at night. Some of these vehicular toilets come equipped with working headlights!

race car shaped toilet

That’s right, now you can steer your way to the toilet in the dark, guided by the soft glow of headlights. And let’s not forget about the variety of colors. Whether you want classic black, fiery red, or even a custom paint job, there’s a hue for every high-speed hankering.

monster truck shaped toilet

These toilets aren’t just about appearances; they’re about practicality too. With built-in storage, you can keep your bathroom essentials or a stash of emergency toilet paper close at hand.

Ford F-150 Pickup truck shaped toilet

And the switch on the back? That’s not just for the headlights. It also controls the lighting in the storage area, ensuring you’re never left rummaging in the dark.

Kids monster truck shaped toilet

When it comes to size, there’s a range to suit everyone. Smaller models might be perfect for a child’s bathroom, while larger ones could make a bold statement in a spacious man cave.

race car shaped toilet

And for those who love the feeling of being on wheels, some models even have wheels on the bottom (though they’re just for show – no racing these in the hallway!).

Delorean shaped toilet

Let’s face it: a vehicle-shaped toilet is an instant conversation starter. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a truck fanatic, or just someone who appreciates a bit of whimsy in their washroom, these toilets are sure to turn heads and spark discussions.

Race car shaped toilet

It’s a fun and creative way to revamp your restroom and make a statement.

kids Semi-truck monster truck shaped toilet

These toilets aren’t just bathroom fixtures; they’re tributes to the vehicles they represent. The love and care put into each design are evident, making them the perfect addition for anyone who has a soft spot for specialty or classic vehicles.

race car shaped toilet

Imagine sitting atop a porcelain replica of your dream car – now that’s going to the bathroom in style!

Harley Davidson Motorcycle shaped toilet

In the race to create the most unique and playful bathroom, the vehicular toilet is surely leading the pack. Whether it’s a motorcycle model for the speed demons or a DeLorean design for the sci-fi fans, these toilets offer a high-octane twist to your typical bathroom break.

Semi-truck monster truck shaped toilet

So why settle for a mundane toilet when you can elevate your bathroom experience to pole position? It’s time to gear up and embrace the creative, fun-filled world of vehicular toilets – the ultimate pit stop for car and truck lovers everywhere

Chevy Silverado Pickup truck shaped toilet
Delorean shaped toilet
harley Davidson motorcycle shaped toilet
race car shaped toilet
Harley Davidson Motorcycle shaped toilet
Delorean shaped toilet
Toyota Trundra Pickup Truck Shaped Toilet
Dodge Ram Pickup Truck Shaped Toilet


Tuesday 14th of May 2024

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Diane Stewart

Thursday 18th of January 2024

How much is the Ford toilet?

Harold G

Monday 4th of December 2023

How much for a Dodge Ram truck toilet ??

Patrick Paget

Thursday 30th of November 2023

Need Yoda bed for kid